Million Dollar Systems Makeover (How to Use AI to Tighten Your Systems)
One of the biggest secrets we have helped our clients uncover is that the foundation of your business needs to be 10X your goal. That’s right, if you desire to cross the million-dollar mark, you’re going to have to elevate your mindset and your infrastructure to support the growth, scaling and sustaining of your million dollar company. During this intensive, participants will plan for their business from their vision point instead of their vantage point so that they can do the mindset work to walk into their million dollar company in the next year. During our time together, we will delve deep into the thought patterns, habits and beliefs that cultivate an 8 figure mindset that supports the growth, resiliency and visionary energy of a CEO truly shifting the planet. Themes explored include leadership, embodiment, money consciousness, operational excellence, courage and confidence.
If you are in business, you launch. And if we are being honest, not every launch is a boisterous success. Sometimes you miss the mark and sometimes you downright fail. It takes resiliency to navigate the complexities of a launch that will shift the trajectory of your company. In this powerful intensive, we will first walk through the phases of a launch. Next, I will help you troubleshoot and debrief what may have been the reason your last launch didn’t bring your million-dollar goal into view by helping you to deep dive into the most common pitfalls entrepreneurs encounter on their journey to a groundbreaking launch. From identifying the anticipated and unforeseen challenges of a launch, to bulletproofing each phase of your launch, to avoiding technology setbacks and leveraging the power of your data, this intensive will equip you with the insights and tools to make your million dollar launch not just a dream, but a triumphant reality.
We’ve all heard the saying, “nothing happens until someone sells something”, right? Well, no one said that the “someone” has to be you. In fact, if you have millions on your mind, you need to have a sales team backing you so that you can spend your time strategically presiding over your company. Building a powerful sales team goes way beyond attracting top talent; it’s about creating synergy between strategy, personnel and sales tools. In this intensive, we will explore your sales team needs based on the sales tool you have chosen to make your millions. We will get into job descriptions, compensation plans and how to get them selling as if they were you, so YOU don’t have to. Through clarifying your strategic alignment, sales tool mastery, training demands and how to determine your metrics, KPIs, and process of monitoring data and results, you’ll learn how to build a sales team that keeps a steady flow of revenue flowing into your million dollar company.
Every thriving million-dollar business operates on robust, efficient systems. However, as businesses scale, systems need to evolve. To get to and beyond the million-dollar mark, you will need to identify, upgrade and optimize your core systems and processes so that they remain competitive, efficient and primed for growth. As a way to refine the backbone of your business, we will even get into how to leverage AI so that you can maximize time spent creating the systems that will sustain your company’s growth over time.
Part of what makes the Millions Messy Middle so messy is the fact that it can be hard to find good help. As you know, we are currently experiencing the Great Resignation, which makes it even harder to find talent that understands and aligns with your goals and vision for your company. Often because of this, aspiring million dollar CEOs never get their business to the point where scaling is a true option because they are spending 80% of their time IN the business instead of ON the business. In this powerful intensive, we will pull back the curtain on our recommendations for solving this problem so that you find team members who believe in your vision and show up fully to help you expand your brand without compromising your values. Your team is the engine behind the success of your company. When you take the time to equip yourself with the knowledge and strategies to assemble and nurture a team that is not just competent but passionately aligned with your business’ goals, you will be one step closer to your million dollar company.
DECEMBER 28th 2023
JANUARY 25th 2024
MARCH 28th 2024
APRIL 25TH 2024

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